Baby Names for Girls

Once the initial excitement of hearing “It’s a Girl!” starts to fade, the first question tends to be “So what are we going to call her?” Most expectant parents find it at least a little challenging to choose suitable – yet unique – baby girl names. Major considerations are how the names sound when combined with the last name, and whether her name will inspire teasing throughout her life. How does one go about choosing baby girl names, and still stay sane?

Choosing Baby Girl Names

With all the possibilities out there, how does one choose a prettier name than “Munchkin” for a baby girl? For starters, it takes a little brainstorming, with inspiration coming in many forms:

  • Name Meanings –Parents sometimes choose to name their baby girls according to a feeling the baby girl inspires during pregnancy, or it could be a name with a meaning that you want the baby girl to live up to. Baby girl names can easily be searched by meaning on the Internet, or by using a name book.
  • Family Trends – Is there a special family member, on either side, you would like to name the baby after?
  • Nature – Many beautiful and unique baby girl names, for example Summer or Willow, have been inspired by the things we see around us. This might seem old-fashioned, but it tests the creativity of parents-to-be and increases their options.
  • Trends – Baby girl names are often inspired by actresses, models, movie characters, singers and other celebrities. If this is a preferred option, make a list of your favorites, narrow it down and settle on a baby girl name which is just perfect!

Popular Baby Girl Names

Some baby girl names, including those inspired by celebrities, tend to be chosen by many parents. Good examples of these are: Hayden, Kirsten, Miley, Scarlett and Taylor.
Other baby girl names are simply classic and timeless, including: Abigail, Elizabeth, Jessica, Nicole and Sara.
Another option is to check the list of popular names compiled by the US Social Security Administration (SSA). The website uses these statistics to show trends in baby girl names.

Unique Baby Girl Names

Since your baby girl will be answering to this name all her life, it is a good idea to choose a name that half the class will not have, and that will not cause her to risk whiplash when walking on the street, because it is so common. A good strategy is choosing baby girl names by origin. Some beautiful and unique Hebrew names are: Adalia, Eliana, Laila, Shae, and Zuri. Lovely Greek names include Carina, Katia and Zoe. There are several websites, such as, that provide useful search options, including origin, number of letters, and popularity. Changing the spelling of popular baby girl names helps to make them unique. It should also be a name that she will not want to change as soon as legally possible, but one that she will treasure as her identity.

Let the names begin!

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